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  • What exactly do you do as a Taos Attorney?

    An attorney helps people. Ideally, it helps when clients come to the attorney before a problem happens. That way, it’s like preventative medicine; stop the ailment before it takes hold.

  • Why do I need a Taos Attorney?

    By allowing me to help you see your situation, your Taos Attorney can find options for how you can achieve your goal(s).

  • I purchased a “will” kit at a store. Isn’t that good enough so that I don’t have to hire an attorney?

    Pre-printed will forms are generic in terms of what they cover and they really can’t be used if it is your specific intent to leave your property as you wish it to be distributed. This is especially true if there are significant events in your life, such as; military service, divorce or legal separation, business ownership(s), unanticipated inheritances, etc.

  • What exactly is a TOD Deed?

    A transfer-on-death deed conveys the described real property to the named grantee upon the death of the grantor. To be effective in New Mexico, a TOD Deed must be filed of record before the death of the grantor; if it is held in a safety deposit box, for instance, and attempted to be filed upon the death of the grantor, it would fail as not being timely filed.

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